What is ash automobilia?
As stated above, this is,
"A place for photos and words about sportscar racing
and the people who make the cars go!" TM

At ash automobilia, we provide headline news and information, as well as exclusive interviews and original photos of the people and the cars that compete in North American sportscar racing.  We primarily cover the top four major road racing series: ALMS, Grand-Am Rolex, KONI Challenge and SPEED World Challenge.  In addition, we will also provide limited coverage of other road racing series, as well as exclusive features on the people who are on the move up in the world of racing.

At our sister site, www.ashautophotos.com you will find images of sportscars from Audi to Zonda.  These are arranged in event-specific or common theme albums. (Example: a collection of images from vintage racing events.)

We present exclusive interviews with the personalities of both past and present sportscar racing vintage, both here, and on our partner site www.TheRaceSite.com .  Be sure to visit our “Through The Esses” page here!

We also offer race previews and at-the-track coverage of select current sportscar racing and vintage racing events. 

This site also serves as a portal to numerous related sites on the web. We feature links to driver sites, die-cast model dealers, fan sites, sanctioning bodies, race circuits, and almost any site that has a connection to sportscar racing. If you are aware of a sportscar racing site that would be appropriate for us to link to, please let us know!

My name is Andrew S. Hartwell - the ash in ash automobilia. I am the Senior Editor and I am also a professional member of - and the Newsletter Editor for - the American Auto Racing Writers and Broadcasters Association (AARWBA). In addition, I hold certified professional (PHR) status in the field of Human Resources, having worked in the field for many years.

My previous journalistic experience includes holding the position of Senior Editor - Sports Cars, at All Race Magazine. I was formerly a frequent contributor to dailysportscar.com (And its earlier iterations as sportscarworld, supersportscarworld and totalmotorsport.com). For several years now I have been writing a column called "Through The Esses" which appears on www.TheRaceSite.com.  PDF versions of the columns are also posted on this site here.

My work has also been featured on several sportscar related websites including: Stevenson Motorsports, Chris Bingham Racing, Andy Pilgrim, Team Spencer, Mike Baughman Racing, Melanie Paterson, ZIP Racing, Dyson Racing, Doran Racing, FABCAR and many others.

If you are looking for someone who can create and distribute professional press releases or announcements about your race team, please contact me directly at ashartwell@att.net.

Thank you for visiting ash automobilia.com.  We hope you find your time with us to be well spent.  Please visit us often and watch for more words and photos from ‘ash’ right here, and on TheRaceSite.com!

Updated: 1/17/2011