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This is a map of the circuit that appeared in an old race program.
The track was 2.86 miles in length, with several steep elevation changes.
It was also a home to a gazillion pounds of sand!  Many a spectator left the circuit with the stuff in their shoes!
A view of the original Chevron bridge as it looks today.  This is the single largest structure remaining on the grounds since the circuit was converted to a golf course.

The view is looking back up the first turn downhill section.  Cars would be coming towards you in a race. 

This bridge was once the link to the paddock area. It was located at the end of the main straight.
In this shot by Pete Lyons, you can see the cars of the 1968 Can-Am race coming down the hill at turn one.

Note the Chevron bridge at the top of the hill.

Pete Lyons is, perhaps, the foremost authority on the Can-Am series as he literally lived with the racing series for many years, traveling from race to race.  You can buy this photo and many other great images at www.petelyons.com

This video opens with a view from atop the Chevron bridge looking back (east) towards pit out.  Cars would be coming towards you from this vantage point.

The view then changes to the other side of the bridge, looking at the downhill turn one.

Enjoy these few laps around The Bridge.  Video is titled "Bridgehampton 1995".

Note the sand spread across the track at several locations! 

This video appears to have been made from someone's home movies of the 1968 Bridgehampton Can-Am.

Check out all the famous people who called The Bridge home, even if just for a weekend of racing!

At times, some of the scenes seem to be of circuits other than The Bridge.  But we have no problem with that!  It is still a great history of the Can-Am cars and stars, so enjoy!

On the left is an MG coming into pit lane in 1994. Towards the end of racing at The Bridge, the place was pretty desolate and worn down.  But that didn't keep racers from coming back to drive the same circuit that had hosted the likes of Gurney, Andretti, Rodriguez, Hall, Surtees, Donohue, Follmer and so many others!

Below is a shot of the old Timing and Scoring tower taken around 1995. The new golf clubhouse now stands in the general area the tower was located in.

A recent photo of the golf clubhouse appears below the tower shot.

The new golfer's clubhouse is shown to the right.

Below is a shot taken by a then teenaged 
Andy Hartwell back in 1968.  It shows the John Surtees Lola being pushed onto the starting grid for the Can-Am race.  

Click on the image for a larger version.
Howard Kroplick's wonderful site includes just about everything you could ever want to know about the origins of road racing on Long Island, with volumes of information and images pertaining to the Vanderbilt Cup Races at the start of the 20th century.

The site also include several great videos depicting racing at the Bridgehampton Race Circuit in the mid 1960s.  Click of the banner to go directly to the Bridge videos.
This shot of the start of the 1969 Can-Am at Bridgehampton was taken by legendary photographer Dave Friedman. It was taken while he was standing on the Chevron bridge shown above.

We urge you to visit his site at www.dfphotoservices.com for an incredible collection of vintage racing photos, all of which are available for sale directly from the artist.
This aerial view of the track shows just how little of the original racing surface remains intact today.  Photo was taken during the construction of the golf course.
Two variations of the sign that greeted you when you entered the grounds. Which sign came first we can not recall!  These are probably late 1970's to 1980s vintage.
The Chevron Bridge as it looked from the pit exit side in October 1994.
Here are a few photos from the Bridgehampton Race Circuit tribute display set up by Guy Frost and the Bridgehampton Racing Heritage Group at the Bridgehampton Historical Society's 2010 annual Rally event.

ashautophotos from the event can be found at www.ashautophotos.com
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